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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prezi Workshop

Dr. Nilsa Lugo and part of the faculty that attended Prezi workshop
     On Thursday, April 19, Dr. Nilsa Lugo offered a workshop on Prezi.  Professors from the English faculty attended the workshop.  The workshop was coordinated by the Personnel Committee of our department.
     In this workshop, participants learned about the new features Prezi now offers.  For those that were not familiar or had long since used this program, it was great news to discover that templates are now part of the options Prezi users have.  Another feature that Dr. Lugo highlighted from Prezi is that Power Point presentations can be uploaded in a Prezi presentation.
     This Prezi workshop has opened new possibilities for us educators to enhace our courses.  The dynamic platform of Prezi makes academic presentation visually appealing while presenting the academic content of each course.

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